Are you still doubting whether or not you should invest in graphic design? Don’t you know the benefits that can bring you choosing a quality design? These are the four conclusions that we have reached, after years offering design services to our clients at Breu, our graphic design studio based in Barcelona:

1. Make a good first impression

People tend to relate business quality to the quality of their visual communication.

If a company uses non professional flyers to explain their services, those services will be perceived as a poor quality ones.

Remember when planning your holidays, you have chosen an hotel instead of an other just because their web generated you more confidence. Or when, in the supermarket, the design of the packaging has made you buy one product instead of another.

Make sure your design looks attractive and up to date. This will generate trust in your users or clients. With a positive impact on them, your brand will be more memorable.

2. Differentiate yourself from your competitors

Graphic design express the mission of your brand. It will help you to discover those qualities that make you unique in the market. You can transform your brand values ​​into a visual identity that sets you apart from your competitors.

For many companies, investing in quality design is not a priority. They consider it expensive and are not able to see its long term benefits. This makes it a great opportunity, because when investing in design, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and gain advantage over them.

3. Speak the same language as your client

If you want to focus on a specific market segment, you will be more successful if you know them in depth and speak the same language. For example, graphic communication of a brand of business men’s clothing will never be the same as a teenagers clothing brand. If you get them to feel identified with your brand and understand that your product is for them, you will increase your sales.

4. Transmit your messages more clearly

A good design will also help your message arrive more easily to your customers and make your product easier to be used.

The hierarchy of the elements, harmony in the composition, the use of legible fonts, suitable colors, etc … will make your customers better understand the message you want to communicate. For example, in an online store, the simpler the buying process is, the more chances you will have to sell your product. Or in the case of a promotional flyer, the more structured the information is, the easier it is for them to understand what you want to communicate.

In short, quality design sells, and with a successful investment, you have much to gain.