A logo is the essence of a brand. A small symbol representing a specific concept. A key element that makes the brand recognizable in any context.

At Breu, my digital agency, every time we get a new branding project is a challenge. Because I’ve done many logos, but none is the same as the previous one. And I love it.

Creating the brand identity for a company or project means knowing the client deeply. I meet him and we work on a kind of “psychoanalysis” session, where I search all that makes him unique and special. I begin with simple questions to break the ice and slowly I get to discover its essence and its added value.

This is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. It allows me to discover what matters to different people and those things that they are passionate about. Once I have discovered it, the real challenge begins: make it visual.

The brands we create at Breu always explain a small story in an abstract and symbolic way. To help you to understand what I mean, I would like to show you two examples of logos that I have designed for our clients:

In the case of GiftCondom:

It was a start-up of risk prevention during sex. With the slogan “protect those you love” they allow you to anonymously send a box of condoms to those people you appreciate, to enjoy sex with protection. It is a business thought especially for parents who send their children to study in another city and want to have the peace of mind that they will be protected without having to have an uncomfortable conversation with them.

So the logo is exactly a reflection of this concept. The love for the people you care about represented by a heart, the outline of a condom and a circle that surrounds everything and protects it. The blue color responds to the concept of safety and hygiene, but at the same time is fresh and youthful.

Gift Condom Brand Storytelling and Concept

Gift Condom Wrapper Packaging

In the case of FrontRow Bcn:

It was a fashion consulting. Its business is to analyze everything that is to the European market in relation to fashion to discern what is relevant, to pack it into an easy-to-interpret document and to send it as a report to its customers.

FrontRow is keeping abreast of the latest trends, at the front row of action. It is dynamism and speed of change of adaptation to the tendencies.

From here arises the idea of ​​the logo. Starting from a canvas full of color. We stayed with only the relevant part, cutting it into a small piece in the shape of a square. We work it and pack it with lines that give it dynamism and vitality. These lines will then be converted into the letters that make up the logo. Apart from being a flexible identity, we can play with colors and images to adapt the brand to different trends in the fashion sector.

FrontRow Brand Storytelling and Concept

FrontRow Business Cards

FrontRow Logo Variation

At Breu, my graphic design studio, we know that a corporate identity is much more than the logo. But anyway, this is still a key piece and you need to be able to convey brand values in a simple and appealing way.