Breu Studio


Goya Smart Control

App design & UI/UX


Horse riders need a truck to transport them in a luxury and comfortable way. Goya Smart Control is a system integrated on the horses truck, powered with Arduino. It has some sensors, checking the temperature and switching on and off the lights, the cameras and the ventilation. With the branding we wanted to get a technologic feeling, but with a feminine touch. The logo represents a box with different sensors connecting the space with the system.

Goya App Design UX/UI Splash Screen


The clean and elegant user interface looks easy to use, even if you’re driving the truck. It has day and night colors, in order to stay usable all day long.

Goya App Design UX/UI Camera InsideGoya App Design UX/UI Camera OutsideGoya App Design UX/UI SettingsGoya App Design UX/UI TemperatureGoya App Design UX/UI TemperatureGoya App Design UX/UI Landscape