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Laura Ribas

Web design & Branding


Laura Ribas is a recognized consultant and trainer in marketing and sales, with a strong presence online and on the Spanish media. She helps freelancers and small businesses to attract more customers for their services and generate more income. She offers seminars and conferences about entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, talent management, business development, and business mindset. She has also founded three companies, including the Institute of Enterprise Growth and published her first book Who am I to do this.


Laura wanted to redefine her digital image: create a simple and elegant logo and a modern visual language for her website.
The biggest challenge was to figure out a way to show large amounts of text in an attractive way, keeping the interest of users throughout the site. We decided to hierarchically organize all the content, playing with different typographies in different sizes and styles.

Laura Ribas Web Design Sobre Mi

Web Design

The combination of typographical elements, pictures of her and a composition of overlapped shapes, breuing with the background of the website, generates an unconventional layout that reflects the dualism between order and spontaneity. The web is full of marketing messages inviting users to perform different actions: banners, calls to action, subscriptions, ads… The integration of all these elements in a harmonious and attractive way, was also a challenge in the process of design. The website was designed to run on different devices such as tablets and smartphones, and it has a visual CMS that allows Laura to edit the content in a independent way.

Laura Ribas Responsive Web Design

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