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Makers of Barcelona

Web design & Rebranding

The Concept

MOB is a creative co-working space in Barcelona, hosting 120 creative, innovative and business minded people, from all over the world. They have created a collaborative community that inspires people to work, play and learn in a creative way.

MOB Responsive Web Design


They wanted to update their brand, which was already well known by the creative community. The goal was to update it in a very subtle way, to make it look quite similar but with a modern approach. The result was a stylization of the logo (keeping it able to cut with a laser cut machine) a new typography and new color palette, using a new tonality of yellow.

logo design for Makers of Barcelona

mob barcelona color pallete

Web Design

The biggest change was creating a new website, applying the new design guidelines. Full screen images and videos, big typography headers and a clean and intuitive user interface. The new website shows the space and explains the philosophy of the coworking, focusing on the experiences and the people who is using the space. Different talented people from MOB, worked on this site, creating the code, the pictures, videos and copywriting.