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Nua Bikes

Web design & Branding

Creative Direction

Nua Bikes is a new urban bicycle brand. They sell hight quality minimalist bikes, handcrafted by its designer, only available with an online preorder. They are focused on a middle class international target offering a bike for a lifetime.


We use the minimum number of elements. Straight lines and curves reminiscent of the bicycle frame, clean photos working with the depth of field and minimalist applications both on the web and offline communication elements. Its physical applications are (as well as the bicycle) hand crafted. Different stamps (rubber, dry relief and metallic) are used to customize different surfaces such as stationery and leather accessories, reducing the environmental impact and production costs.

Nua Bikes Branding Stationery Design

Web Design

The website is clean and minimal, innovative but intuitive at the same time. The site shows the product and enhances its qualities. A single guided scroll shows all components while user can contemplate how beautiful the bike is. A website to be enjoyed in many different devices.

Nua Bikes Responsive Web DesignNua Bikes Web Design Product PageNua Bikes Web Design Preorder Form and Contact page