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#Raiseyourwebsite is a free online tool by which you will figure out your website strengths and weaknesses and how to enhance them.

Raise your website home design


#Raiseyourwebsite is the Breu Studio release project. We wanted to create a free tool that would to help all those who need a web page. A simple question and answer game, where users can discover the strengths and weaknesses of their website. That’s how we spread good practices in web design and position ourselves as experts in it.

Raise your website content and usability web design

Web Design

The minimal design guides the user through the whole digital experience. With colorful illustrations by Petra Eriksson, which contextualize the different sections. At the end of the test, the results are shown in a interactive infographic.

Raise your website design and development


The tool is developed with React. We play with subtle transitions between questions and pages to enhance the user experience. Social networks are integrated to share the tool itself and the score obtained. There is also a system of sending emails so that users get a personalized diagnosis with tips aimed at improving their weaknesses.

Raise your website web design marketing and results

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