Alicia Gómez, creative director at Breu, has participated on the 17th Elisava’s Creative Marathon, with her workshop “Emotion Through the Website”.

This December I had the privilege of being part of the 17th Elisava’s Creative Marathon, hosting a workshop about web design. ELISAVA University School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona is a private design and engineering  university center. It is a member of the Pompeu Fabra University and is considered one of the most prestigious universities in the country. I felt very fortunate to have my first experience as a teacher at a university with such renown.

It has been four intense days, with 20 students at 3rd and 4th year of the Official Degrees, alternating small doses of theory with dynamic sessions of practical tutorized work. It’s been really interesting leaving my digital agency for some days and teach to students all I’ve learned during some years working as a web designer.

The aim of the workshop has been to stimulate creativity in a constantly expanding communication surface: the web. We have worked on this goal from a specific brief: a product website. Students have defined the benefits of their product and how it makes the people feel. A unique restriction: to be contained within a bottle, to maintain visual coherence among all projects in the classroom.
brief workshop elisava
I’m very surprised with the quality of my students’ projects. With a record time they have managed to solve the brief successfully and worked on the graphical interface, the transitions and even small animations of the UI elements.

During the fourth day, we have exposed the final projects in a prototype form, simulating the web interactivity. We have also been able to see the results of other workshops that have been carried out at the same time, held by top professionals in the field of design.